The Booklet

Lost your booklet or just want to find out how Solarcan works? Download our instruction booklets for the world's simplest camera.

These handy manuals are packed full of great ideas to help you discover how a long exposure camera works and create stunning solargraphy images of the sun's path as it travels across the sky!

Five pack of Solarcan with instruction manuals on display

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Understanding Solarcan

Ever wondered "what is a Solarcan?"

Solarcan is the world's simplest camera, a ready to use pinhole camera that captures long exposure photographs effortlessly. It's as much a learning experience as it is a camera. It does not need any chemicals to develop the image, and it can be used as a camera science experiment, a camera art experiment, or simply to capture a little slice of sunshine for your enjoyment while the world turns. It's great fun to use, suitable for all ages and the results are always unique!