Here at Solarcan HQ we’ve been tinkering away for the last year on a tiny version of our world famous Sun catching camera. We’ve decided not to charge a penny for it either, instead we are opting to give it away for FREE this Black Friday holiday weekend.

Simply place an order, making sure your cart is valued over £30 (minimum of 2 Solarcan Classic) and you’ll receive a FREE Solarcan Puck.

It’s that easy – no codes, no trickery, no secret buttons – we’ll capture every order placed over this weekend and make sure you’ll receive your Puck! Look out for an email confirming your super duper free gift.

O F F E R   E N D S   M I D N I G H T   ON    SUNDAY    28TH    NOVEMBER


Like all Solarcan, the Puck! captures the path of the Sun over days, weeks, months or years. It’s just a little bit smaller and instead of a rectangle image it catches a circle!

That’s not all: Included in every Puck! are 3 exposures. Once you’ve finished exposing the first, you remove the cover sheet and reveal a second shot (see the video below) and finally a third.

What you’ll receive:

  • A Solarcan PUCK! – not available in store or for sale anywhere else.
  • 2 small coloured cable ties
  • A sticky pad for your cable ties
  • 3 exposures – 3 chances of success – 3 experiments – 3 goes at the shot you want!
  • Instructions, just in case you’re not sure how to get started